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Ready to conquer self-doubt and make your dreams a reality?

Then you’re in the right place. Join Make it Happen: an online vision accelerator program for creative, compassionate people who want to have a big impact on the world, live authentically and spend more time doing what they love. Get the support and strategies you need to bring your ideas to fruition and close the gap between where you are today and where you want to be.

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I’m Jamila Reddy

I’m Jamila Reddy, and I am a writer, coach, and lifestyle designer on a mission to help people create their dream lives.  

I’m the creator of Make It Happen, an 8-week online intensive for people motivated to conquer fear that’s holding them back so they can feel powerful, purposeful, and spend more time doing what they love.

I’ve been helping people creatively and strategically turn their ideas into realities for over ten years. I’ve helped clients start careers in their dream fields, produce sold-out performance event series, and launch podcasts with thousands of listeners!

I teach people how to transform themselves on a deep level so they can transform their obstacles into opportunities and live extraordinary lives.


"Jamila has the ability to see beyond your self-imposed limitations. She has an innate knack for organizing your thinking which thus organizes the steps you take towards your best life and ultimate goals. Jamila walks with you through the journey, which can be so challenging and scary. She makes slaying your dragons fun."

-Austin M.


"With Jamila’s help, I have taken steps in the direction of my dreams, started a consulting business, gained clients and opportunities that match my passions, learned to face writing fears and normalize the challenges to the writer’s life, pulled myself out of a funk and moved into a period of growth and boldness."

-Cristina A.


"Before I worked with Jamila, I felt very unsure of the whether I was capable of attaining my goal. Our conversation kickstarted a confidence and determination that I thought I had lost. Jamila will pump you up, make you excited to attain your goal, and reinforce with concrete and realistic steps for success."

- Alecia B.




Want my help designing the dream life you deserve and desire?
Not into forms? Email me at!

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