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I’m Jamila Reddy.

I’m a Brooklyn-based, North-Carolina raised, Black queer, Buddhist writer, healer, thinker, doer, and dreamer. I’m an expert at helping people establish their vision and develop the courage to bring it into the world. My obsession is teaching others how to get out of their own way so they can see a path towards the life of their dreams.

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In 2017, I started Extraordinary, a lifestyle design practice that helps people find creative, strategic ways to make their lives into what they want them to be. My clients are creative, compassionate people full of ideas about how to make the world a better place. I help them do the inner dirty work required to bring their ideas to life, so they can do work that is meaningful and impactful and spend more time doing what they love.



I co-host The Process Podcast, where me and my bestie, Austin Monroe, process the wild experiences we have as we strive to create the lives of our dreams. We discuss what it’s like trying to liberate ourselves from dominant narratives of who we should be and move joyfully towards who we are. Austin and I met in high school, went to college together, and have been best friends and collaborators since. In 2010, we co-founded NorthYork, a creative events agency on a mission to create social spaces that inspire and empower people to function as their truest and best selves.



I love throwing improving physical spaces. I’ve been tidying, organizing, and beautifying spaces for as long as I can remember. It lights my spirit on fire to create spaces that feel good for myself and others, because I believe we are our best selves (and we do our best work) when we are in spaces that are radiant, delightful, and inspiring.



I have always been fascinated by human beings. In college, I majored in sociology and theatre, and shortly thereafter started writing poems, stories and essays about the strange and wonderful things that happen in my life, and the strange profound lessons they taught me.



At my core, I am a researcher. I use myself as subject. I am my greatest teacher and how to live my best life is my ongoing question.  I am insatiably curious about how to make the most out of this human experience. How to become absolutely happy, and help others do the same.

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