How to use Fear as Fuel

Fear is information. Fear is a teacher. Fear is a roadmap. Fear is your friend!

If we don’t listen to fear — if we avoid taking big scary plunges into the vast unknown — we won’t ever hear what fear is trying to SAY. 

Fear is like a concerned parent trying to keep you safe. Fear wants to protect you from harm. Fear doesn’t want you to be injured, embarrassed, or ashamed. 

Fear is, simply, trying to tell you that your life is so precious and you are so important! So be careful! 

The truth is: Fear doesn’t want you live small! Fear wants you to LIVE FULLY. Fear is giving you information about all the things you need to do in order to really do so. 

Are you afraid of failing at being a full-time artist, healer, creator? That’s fear telling you that you value creative expression and wellness and brilliant ideas, and that your life would be not fully lived without those things.

Thanks, fear!

Afraid of quitting your job? That’s fear telling you that you value stability and safety, and that your potential cannot be fully realized without it.

Thank you, fear! 

Afraid of being single forever? That’s fear telling you that you value partnership, intimacy, connection, and shared experiences and that your life would feel less significant without it.

Wow, okay fear! I HEAR YA.

Don’t let fear boss you around! You are in charge of your life. 

Work with fear. Use fear. You two are collaborators. When it shows up, try practicing gratitude for it. “Thank you, fear, for reminding me what is so important me. You point me in the direction of the things I cannot live without!”

I want to be clear: I am not talking about ignoring immediate or long-term threats to your wellness. I am talking about conquering the FEAR that is really your EGO masquerading as your advocate when it really is your enemy. 

Let yourself feel afraid. Give into it. Don’t avoid it. It’s okay to be absolutely terrified. That means the stakes are fucking HIGH. Use that as fuel. Use that as motivation. 

There is so much information in fear!

Listen to it. Let it remind you that you’ve got big, juicy dreams worthy of being pursued.


Jamila Reddy